Biographical information

Before 1300 BC; Antarctic


Before 1300 BC

Perpetual age

17 or 18

Created by

Unknown vampire

  • Siren
  • Fish lady
Physical description




Hair color

Ginger blonde

Eye color
  • Crimson (newborn vampire)
  • Goldish green (from her diet)
  • Black (when thristy)
Skin color


Family information
Family members
Special characteristics
  • Basic vampiric abilities
  • Improved speed
Special abilities

Vocal allurement


Antarctic Coven

"We so rarely come to land"
—Abaligne is a member of the Antarctic Coven.


Her coven is far older than the volturi. When they were turned, they acted like most vampires, but when the Volturi began their assault on any vampire that refused to comply with their orders, Caleb led his coven beneath the ocean in order to live free lives. Due to the extreme levels of density of their skin, they were able to survive and see at the ocean floor. Taking advantage of human superstistions and faulty engineering, the underwater coven attacked ships and left only legends of deadly merpeople living in the water.

Abaligne greatly contributed to this for she had a siren-like ability to make people want to come to her. However, as humans stopped believing in merpeople, and advancements in their boats made it less and less likely to sink the ship without drawing unwanted attention, they instead switched to feeding on underwater animals, and the occasional human that went too far out to sea.

Over the centuries, her coven learned to feed of sea animals along with human blood, but she preferred to stick to human blood instead

Her coven has developed a sign language so that they can communicate underwater, though if they want to actually speak to one another, there is an underwater cave that has air trapped in it, allowing them to speak.

Physical Appearance

Like the rest of her coven, Abaligne's eyes are different than both regular and vegetarian vampires. Abaligne's eyes display a more greenish gold color because of her diet of cold blood and underwater animals instead of warm blooded, on land animals.


Vocal Allurance

Main Article: Vocal Allurance

Abaligne's nickname as the siren is based on her powerful ability to lure others, especially humans to her from a great distance away with her voice. This power gave her the favoured nickname: The Siren

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