Ability Reversal
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Reverse the effects of the abilities of other vampires

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"Horace can cause anyone's power to become its polar opposite, except it is useless against any Physical abiltiies"
-Entry on Horace's gift

Ability Reversal is Horace's special power to reverse the abilities of gifted vampires straight into their opposite effects.


With a sharp amount of focuse, Horace is able to turn any mental ability into its polar opposite. To Horace it is a confusing business, as finding the actual opposite of a gift is beyond difficult. It is unknown if the gift effects the abilities based on its effect or wether it is mental or physical.

It is said that if Horace reversed a telepathic skill, the effect would then work through physical contact, or by putting thoughts into someone else's head.



The ability is mind based, unable to effect mental defenses. It is also useless against physical abilities

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