Ability Suppression
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Temporarily take away the abilities of other vampires

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"She has the ability to take away the potential talents of other vampires, though the effect is only temporary"
―Entry on Allison's gift

Ability Suppression is Allison's powerful and raw ability to take away the powers of other vampires for an greatly unknown amount of time. The effects can last from either several hours, to a entire day.

Allison's power could easily fall into the shielding category at it could protect her and others from harm by taking those powers away.


Allison's ability to the form of a mirage that quickly envelopes her targets. It only takes a few seconds, but after it is lifted, that vampires gift will cease to work and it could take hours or even days to reemerge. her gift also has a shielding side to it. While she can willingly inflict this power, If a vampire were to catch her off guard and use their power on her, her power would be a rush to the vampire like a wave that instantly breaks down that own vampire's talent. Because of Allison's gift, the coven loves to use her in a fight against other gifted vampires.


The effects of her power are only temporary, but it is unknown how long that vampires gifts would be gone. This is one ability that's raw in effect. The power is mostly based in the mind and so it's limited to physical abilities. That kind of physical power has no influence over her, but she can not neturalize it.. Physical gifts such as Benjamin's Atmoskinesis and Wyvern's Atmokinesis can't harm her, but she can't suppress it and Fred's gift of some form of Physical Repulsion will not be able to repel her, but ones around her. Allison would also be uneffected but unable to shut down Siobhan's power to control reality or Maggie's gift to detect lies.

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