Addictive Assaultment
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Addict others to attack each other, or attack the user.

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"Deveaux is able to create a strong addiction to those around him, causing them to either attack him head on or fight another whom he chooses himself."
-Entry on Deveaux's gift

Addictive Assaultment is Deveaux's raw talent to induce an addiction around others, causing them to attack him and others around him unintentionally.


Deveaux has the power to induce a strong addiction in those around him, his power often works when he doesn't pay attention. Those affected by his gift are suddenly drawn to attacking. The power has 'evolved' into allowing him to also force people to attack each other, instead of only himself.

Deveaux's gift has been said to be similar to Chelsea's gift, in that it can send allies and friends to fight each other, but it is also abide to bypass the emotional ties of family, so he can make family members attack one another too.

As he grew older, he could both project it further and cause two individuals to attack each other, instead of only him being attacked. The ability has become so dangerous, he could cause an entire coven or family to fight until all of them were dead, though he would never do this because of his individual nature.


Deveaux manifested the power straight after his tranformation, giving him a difficult newborn year as he was constantly attacked by his coven mates and only survived because of his fighting skills. by the 1980's, Deveaux had learned to focuse his gift on one individual apart from several at once


Deveaux had manifested his talent from his human life, learning how to intimidate his enemies enough to make the first move, but the power backfired as it manifested into his vampire life.


His gift can be overcome by people who have been constantly affected by it, such as his coven mates. It is unknown if his power is completely mental or physical. His gift effects someone's mood, and it is also an illusion, but since his power is mind based like so many other talents, it can be blocked by mental shields. Vampires who have an extraordinary amount of control might be able to overcome his influence during a small amount of time

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