Alasdair's Coven
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Gabriel: Telekinesis


Alasdair's Coven is or was a nomadic vampire coven consisting of Alasdair, the leader and his mate Beitris. They travelled with Gabriel for a few decades before he found Clancy, a gifted human who Gabriel had taken a likeness to.


Alasdair and Beitris were mates who travelled together as nomads, at some point, Gabriel joined them (presumably in the 1510's).

It is unknown if the two are still alive today or if their coven has grown since Gabriel left


  • Alasdair: Founder and leader of the coven, he is mated with Beitris. He enjoyed Gabriel's company and felt sad that he decided to leave, but accepted it
  • Beitris: Alasdair's mate. She was just as happy with Gabriel's company as her mate was. And felt unhappy that Alasdair was unhappy when Gabriel left them.

Former members

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