Alexandra Haven (or just Alex) is a protecter who is also revealed to be the granddaughter of the grand protecter. The person she has been a sight to protect is the half breed Renesmee Cullen.


Alex was born 250 years ago in the protecters city of light, her mother was the daughter of the grand protecter (makeing Alex royalty) and her father is unknown (however there are rumour that her father is human or even a dark light) as she grew older she started to rebel sneaking out from the city to the forbidden land or not turning up the socal event which tick of her grandfather


"Renege...rune...Rez..could this girl have a more complicated name."
—Alex first reading renesmee name.

After Alex ruin another socal event her grandfather and mother decided to marry her of to a minor prince hoping it would make her grow up. However when she found out she freak out and decide her best way to get out of it was to go to earth and become a trainee Protechter(hoping that her family would see she could be grow up) so one night she went to the great vault were all of the name of the who would have a protechter we're. Alex discover the she would be protecting renesmee Cullen a half vampire half human, a few nights after she had been to the vault Alex summon a portal to the mortal world and set it to find renesmee.

Alex lander in the woods near the Cullen home after watching them for a week she accidently made her present know, when hurting with her father renesmee smash into a tree bringing it to the ground when she went to looking into the tree she found a daze alex.

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