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Angelo ciro

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  • Beige
  • Yellow (human and wolf form)
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Basic Werewolf powers; super strength




Mapuche,Tamal's pack


Alima was the werewolf younger sister of Tamal daughter of Angelo Ciro and Loana Roman also one of the many rival of the vampire Joham.


Alima was born to Angelo Ciro and Loana Roman and into the Mapuche tribe aswell as Hulien and Pire, when Pire became pregnant with the vampire hybrid Nahuel she told them to go to the deepest part of the jungle to hide. A decade later she travelled within the jungle and came across Joham a vampire and was a danger to him. After she fought him her and her famliy made sure pire's unborn son know who she was. For the time being alima had no interst to look for and kill joham her and her elder brother tamal instead searched for Pire and Hulien. Over time the child growing inside pire broke many of her ribs and this caught the attention of a werewolf who came to her aid. She was almost bitten by the werewolf, feeling stong again, and continued her journey. After she gave birth to Nahuel Tamal saw she had already lost a great amount of blood and died. Sadly,pire only reget is that Alima did not know what to do to save pire if pire have survived the birth. of this she was a hybrid with the to fly few hybrid have such During beging minutes of her life, she and Tamal made a human name Beau into a hybrid. known to her,Tamal. Nahuel would go on to help them recreate a species that was on the verge of extinction.Alima found the will to live after pire death


As a Child of the Moon, Alima is more powerful then humans, but not as strong, or fast, as a vampire in her human form. Despite suppressing Vampires in human form this is made up more powerful when in her lupine phase. In her werepire form strength,speed,senses agility and indestructibility are heightened at their peak; making her more than capable of destroying multiple vampires at once. Another advantage she has in both her human and werepire form is the immunity to vampire venom, both the transformative properties and the pain-producing properties. Additionally, like a vampire she is a immortal and will live forever unless killed.


Alima is the arabic name for 'strong', during her's friend pregnancy she remained strong and determined up till the day her friend died.