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Antarctic Coven
Founding information
  • Greece (original settlement)
  • Antarctica
Founded by


Membership information
Special characteristics
Special abilities

The Antarctic Coven is a coven of vampires located in Antartica and consists of Semele, Abaligne, Semele being the leader. The coven feeds off the blood of sea animals and other cold blooded creatures. They feed off cold blooded creatures instead of warm blooded animals, so they have goldish green coloured eyes rather than pure gold like other vegetarian vampires.


The coven existed before the Volturi's rule, and followed the Romanian covens view of taking control of the human world. When the Volturi took over, the coven travelled to antarctica and made a new life there and still remain having a free one, far from any rules


They all appear to wear tattered clothes and at least any clothes they could scavage from humans they have come across


Former Members

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