Biographical information

1715; London, England



Perpetual age


Created by



2014 (by Ettore)

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color
  • Gray (human)
  • Crimson (as a newborn)
  • Burgandy (vampire)
  • Black (when thirsty)
Skin color


Family information
Family members
Special characteristics
  • Basic vampire abilities
  • Self control
Special abilities



Gabriel's bodyguard (human life)


Autumn is another member of the British Coven. Like many of her coven mates, he is also gifted.


Early Life

Autumn was born in London, England in 1715 and was turned in 1734 at the age of around 19. He grew up in a lower classed family with his parents and two younger brothers. At that time in the 1700's, Gabriel, a town resident who was well known, employed servants into his household, and took Autumn in when he was onnly 13 years of age. Joseph had only recently become a vampire and was immediately drawn to him. Gabriel kept him close by as he thought his newborn member was planning on feeding off Autumn.

A few years later, Joseph had learned a great deal of self control and visited him. Joseph suspected that Autumn was gifted and Gabriel believed his claims. Autumn became an exceptional asset to the coven and has remained loyal to it.

Rising Dawn

Autumn made his first appearance in Rising Dawn where he and all members of the British Coven plan to wage war against their long-time enemies, the Volturi. Arriving to Forks, Autumn spent some time chatting with Seth and Leah Clearwater. As the Volturi make their move, Autumn was next to Gabriel and Helena where they prepare to engage their enemies. Autumn fought alongside Leah and Jules, but they get separated during the fight. He fights off against Ettore, but he was no match when the Volturi guard took the upper hand and decapitated him. Gabriel witnessed his death and angrily kills Ettore for killing one his loyal bodyguards of the coven.

Physical Appearance


Autumn seems to be very loyal to his coven and Gabriel. He is also considered to be brave and active. He always stands up for his creator and considers him a father. As a half-vegetarian, Autumn doesn't harm innocent humans and would sometimes target the ones that are not, but most of the time he drinks animal blood.

Powers and abilities: Retrocognition

Main Article: Retrocognition

Autumn's gift is to see into the past of others, along with any of their secrets and memories. His power is even strong enough to see into a vampires human life, a thing that most vampires can't recall without hard concentration.

His gift manifested early in her human life, which caused her to mutter words from the past lives of people around her, this trait became more powerful with her conversion into a vampire.

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