Template:Werewolf infobox Bastion is a vampire and a member of the British Coven, accompanying Gabriel almost wherever he goes, due to his innate ability to force others to speak the truth. He is a half-vegetarian like the rest of his coven.


Early Life

Bastion, originally named Caelius, was born in the Roman Empire in 322 AD. He grew up in a wealthy family and rose as an educated noble around the age of seventeen, though he had always hoped to become a senator. After turning 28, he was transformed into a Werewolf creator and early life as a werewolf remains unknown.

Bastion moved to London, England in the 1800's. Helena, Gabriel's wife, found him in the streets and brought him to Gabriel. Helena offered him to Gabriel to curve his desire for Maggie, an Irish vampire with the power of Lie Detection. Bastion soon became Gabriel's attendant, with his subtle power to force others to speak the truth, a useful tool that Gabriel exploited. He changed his name to Bastion in the 1930's.

Physical Appearance

Bastion is of average height, with dark brown hair, and burgandy coloured eyes from drinking both human and animal blood.


Bastion appears to be loyal to his coven and doesn't support liars, and likes to make them speak the truth. Gabriel thinks of him as the Jane of the coven, because he shows no mercy when it comes to using his gift. As a human, he was both persuasive and sincere

Powers and abilities: Truth Induction

Main Article: Truth Induction
"I'm sure my assistant can help me look past your lies"
-Gabriel on Bastion's talent

Bastion has the ability to make others around him tell only the truth for an unknown amount of time. The gift has allowed him to partially tell when others are lying to him, but this side effect is limited. The gift is usually performed when Gabriel has discussions with other vampires or covens.

His gift manifested from his sincere and persuasive personality as a human, and always gained the truth from people eventually.


Main Article: Relationships


Main Article: Bastion and Veive

Veive is Bastion's mate. They first met when Bastion joined the coven. Veive is one of Gabriel's bodyguards, able to create illusionary boundries, and so they both managed to speak to each other often.


Bastion became Gabriel's personal attendant, being that Bastion's gift was very useful to him, incase anyone planned to lie to him


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