Biographical information

1634; England


Around 1647

Perpetual age


Created by



Beth (by Mickey)

Physical description




Hair color
  • Unknown
Eye color
  • Red (vampire)
  • Black (when thirsty)
Skin color


Family information
Family members
Special characteristics
  • Basic vampire abilities
  • Improved speed

Bethany is a vampire and a member of the Roman Coven.


Early life

Bethany was born in 1634 England to a very rich family. She was very spoiled and acted as such, looking down on people who were poorer than herself. However this change when she fell down the stair out her family estated, the fall cause internal bleed which doctors said she would died from. As she laid dying a young girl (Jamie) came into her room. The girl said she could give her immortality and all she had to do was say yes, Bethany accepted and was change in 1647.

Vampire life As a vampire bethany was still a brat,never listening to Jamie or the other and would feed on high class human and noble instead of the low class saying "I only ate and drank the finest as a human,why should that change now? After being with the roman for 7 year and bring too much notice to them Bethany was give a choice by Jamie,"live by my rule's or die by my hand" and to show she was not joking she smash Bethany into a wall with such force it almost broke her in two. This made Bethany realise she could be a brat anymore and she started to do as she was told,she also became mates with the other member of the coven Henry.

Physical Appearance


Powers and abilities

Bethany is the fastest vampire in the Roman Coven. As a vampire, she has the regular enhanced senses, strength, speed, endurance and healing factor.

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