The following is a list of members from the Bonaci family


Main Article: Luca

Oldest known descendant of the family, turned into a vampire sometime in 400 BC, he began the career of protecting his families welfare and would change one descendant of his family from each generation into a vampire to protect their family


Main Article: Renata

Former member of the family who was turned on her 20th birthday, after the transformation she manifested a strong shield, protecting her from physical attacks, however this gift caught the attention of the Volturi and they had Chelsea bind her to them. She is now Aro's personal bodyguard


He was a member of the family who was turned by Luca. He disapeared 10 years before Courtenay was born. It is unknown if he is still alive or killed


Member of the family changed by Luca on her 20th birthday, she is less controlled than the other vampires in the family and never meets the family, but is given instructions by Luca to follow


Member the family who was changed on her 26th birthday. She would have given up her heritage if she hadn't met charles. She occasionally visits the family along with charles


Main Article: Cova

Member of the family who was turned on his 20th birthday. He is Makenna's nephew as well as Charles'. He has the power to sense danger



Main Article: Charles

In-law to the family through his mate, Makenna, he is a gifted vampire with the power to sense when others lie. He occasionally visits the family when Makenna decides to. The family consideres him closer than an in-law as he was created by Makenna.

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