Bridget's Coven
Founding information
Founding time

Around 1928



Founded by


  • Bridget's group
Membership Information
Special characteristics
Special abilities

Bridget's Coven is a vampire coven located somewhere in Germany, travelling in the other half of Germany from Nelson's Coven, their mates


  • Bridget was a vampire created by Creevey, and was once a member of his coven. The coven was destroyed when the Volturi arrived, and she only survived because she was out hunting at the time.

All four members of Nelson's coven had already found mates by the 1930's, but having too many vampires in their coven would draw too much attention, Bridget made the idea of splitting the coven into male and female, two covens to roam across each half of Germany, Bridget soon had her own coven,


Bridget's coven consists of Bridget, Meredith, Rebecca and Delacour, who each have a mate from Nelson's coven, they are often seperated from each other, deciding to roam a different half of Germany than their mates.

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