Candian Coven
Founding information
Founding time

1600s; Niagara Falls, Canada

  • Niagara Falls, Canada (Current Location)
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
Founded by


  • The Canadians
  • Canadian Clan
  • Chloé's Coven
  • Cullen Coven the 2nd
Membership information
Special characteristics
Special abilities
  • Sean: College Student
  • Louis: College Student
  • Chloé: Botanist
  • Susan: School Corporation's Director
  • Kevin: Scientist
  • Danielle: Waitress
  • Steven: Model
The Candian Coven is a vampiric coven based in Canada and is composing of Chloé as the leader and founder, Kevin, Sean, Louis, Heather, Susan and Scott. Unlike other vampire coven, they feed only on animal blood and prefer a vegetarian lifestyle.


The Canadian Coven is a vegetarian Coven based in Canada. It was created by Chloé in the 1600s in Canada.


  • Chloé: Kevin's mate. She is the creator and leader of the coven who is well known botanist. She has the ability of Telepathy.
  • Kevin: Chloe's mate. He is the co-leader of the coven and was a well known scientist, which is how he met his wife, Chloe. He has the ability of being a mental Shield.
  • Heather: She is a member of the coven and the only human/vampire hybrid in the coven and is the adoptive daughter of Chloé and Kevin.
  • Steven: Danielle's mate. He is a member of the coven.
  • Danielle: Steven's mate.
  • Sean: Louis' mate. He is a member of the coven.
  • Louis: Sean's mate. He is a member of the coven with no specified gift.

Susan, an elderly member of the coven.

  • Susan: Scott's mate. She was an American tourist along with her husband, Scott, when they were attacked and mugged by a group of hoodlums. Chloe could smell the blood and took them back to her home and turned the two of them into vampires. She is 65 years old and has the ability of enhanced speed.
  • Scott: Susan's mate. He is a member of the coven.

Desired Members

  • Kyran: He is the leader of the Hoosier Coven and was mentored by Susan.
  • Neeve: A nomad and the friend of Chloé and able with the ability to alter the movements of others.
    Neeve Falls

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