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Control all forms of plantlife

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"She can influence any type of plant life. Her command over plants doesn't work with her will power alone, as plants themselves have their own will. Her authority is close to that of telekinetic abilities"
-Entry on Rosemary's gift

Chlorokinesis is Rosemary 's supernatural ability to manipulate plant life with her mind. She is still experimenting with her gift, and has made accountable progress.


The gift allows her to manipulate any type of plant, even flora and moss are under her sphere of command. It is unknown the true extent of her power is. Rosemary can create and shape plants around her; wood, and some amount flowers are under her influence.

She was able to create an entire bridge made from vines, though it took a few hours to create

"Levitating the leaves and making them stay there or stick together to form bridges or constructs, shape the trees or even 'surf' using the grass".

Though less commonly activated by passive Rosemary, the ability may deal a series of offensive techniques on a target.


Rosemary needs an already available source, and isn't able to manipulate small plants. The power is a physical usage, and can bypass mental defences, though it can't Rosemary against the effects of other abilities

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