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Mentally control time

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"She can influence time around herself, though her gift has no true effect on reality"
-Entry on Rhona's gift

Chronokinesis is Rhona's power to 'control time' through the use of mental deception on her targets. She creates a mental illusion where, to the recipient(s), time itself seems to follow her very will; becoming fast, slow, or even standing an absolute still from the victim(s) perspective. Her targets are suddenly left with a hazy memory of what occured while the power was in effect


Rhona's power is only mental, and has no effect on true reality. The power purely works by deceiving the minds around her, affecting the victim's subjective sense of time; she can cause others to skip from hours to days without knowing it. This power is a great defense against her enemies.


As her power is based in the mind, the power wouldn't affect Mental Shields

Similar Abilities

Ishtvan has the power to trap stop people from moving

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