Biographical information

November, 1986; Sitka, Alaska


December, 2006

Perpetual age


Created by


  • Creepy Clovis
  • Cloves
Physical description




Hair color


Eye color
  • Crimson (as a newborn)
  • Gold (as a vegetarian)
  • Black (when thirsty as a vampire)
Skin color


Family information
Family members
Special characteristics
  • Basic vampire abilities
  • Advanced strength
Special abilities

Balance Deprivation


Clovis was a newborn vampire who was created by Irina and was added into the Anchorage newborn Coven. After the coven was dispanded, Clovis fled from Alaska as a nomad and later joined the Coloradan Coven along with his mate, Dawn. Later, he befriended a fellow nomad named Jack, who joined the Skylark Coven as a high-ranked guard. They both had gifts that were similar and they became close.


Early life

Clovis was born Sitka but his family moved to Anchorage when he was around eleven years old. Clovis had a good outlook on life, gaining several jobs to help his family, decent grades in school and a good relationship with his family.

In December 2006, Clovis was on his way to a christmas festival when he was seen by Irina, though not aware of his perfect life, she changed him into a vampire.

Clovis was a quiet member in the newborn coven Irina created, his only company was creating entertainment with using his talent on several of the coven members, though he enjoyed Evan's company, as he too stayed away from others, though they never spoke to each that often.

Irina had created a few less tamed vampires to the coven, and used Clovis' gift to keep them partially immobalized while she killed them.

After another newborn 'coven' was destroyed by the Cullen family and their allies, Irina dispanded the coven. He immediately left and became a nomad. There, he met one of the other newborns, Dawn, and they agreed to stay together and become vegetarians. Traveling through the woods of Colorado, Clovis and Dawn meet with the Coloradan Coven, and they agreed to join them since they are vegetarians as well. Clovis lived a peaceful lifestyle for the rest of his eternal life.

Physical appearance

Clovis was tall and had blond hair.


Patrick noticed he liked to look at others with a brooding expression, like he wanted to intimidate the other newborns, not that it worked. Clovis was easily bored and liked to spend time by himself. He liked perfecting his newly found talent, knowing what it was, he used it against several of the coven members, on a few occasions he helped Irina kill a few of the less 'tamed' newborns, keeping them immobolized.

Power and abilities

Physically, Clovis was one or maybe the only physically strongest vampires in the coven, much like Emmett Cullen or Felix. His physical build made him seem imposing to others.

Balance Deprivation

Main Article: Balance Deprivation

Clovis can immobalize his targets balance and focuse, his targets instantly fall to the ground, unnable to focuse clearly, they can stagger back to their feet, but they would only fall to the floor again, even more dazed than before.

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