Combat Perception
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Ability to

Perceive what moves an apponent will make during physical combat

Used by


"She can understand what moves her persuers will make next, giving her great fighting knowledge"
―Entry on Ethelda's gift

Combat Perception is Ethelda's raw talent to sense what moves her apponents will make, and how to remain ahead of them in a physical combat.


Ethelda's status as her covens best fighting is supported by her talent to see what moves her apponents will make next. Because of her extreme fighting knowledge, Gabriel thinks of her as the Felix of the British Coven.


The power is viewed as a physical gift, so it isn't effected by mental defences.

Similar Abilities

  • Edward Cullen is able to sense what moves his opponents are planning because of his gift to read minds
  • Alice Cullen's gift of precognition is similar to this in the sense that it can be used to predict a target's (or targets') movements based on decisions they make.

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