Biographical information

Around Mid-1400's; Germany


Around Mid-1460's


2014 (by Josie)

Created by

Unknown vampire


Aldhard (Original name)

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color
  • Red
  • Black (when thirsty)
Skin color


Family information
Family members
  • Four vampire coven mates ♰
Special characteristics

Basic vampire abilities

Special abilities

Illusionary Poisoning




Conrad is a German nomad and the creator of Josie.


Early life

Sometime around the year 1977, Conrad and four of his servants ventured into a town called Fox Creek, Canada. There, they were helping the Volturi to find gifted humans. He spotted Josie walking home from school and sensed that she would be a powerful vampire. Conrad abducted her on the spot, bit her, and took her back to his home while she experienced the painful transformation. He was excited to find out that she possessed the ability to replicate another person's ability. He had difficulties in dealing with this newborn vampire. Josie was fiercely independent and powerful who had no loyalty for Conrad. He tried to keep her distracted with replicating the powers of other vampires, but before the end of her year as a newborn, Josie killed Conrad's servants, forcing her creator to flee.

Rising Dawn

In Rising Dawn, Conrad allied the Volturi in eliminating the British Coven for committing a rebellion against them. During his arrival to Forks, Conrad was disappointed to see Josie siding with the rebels and was hoping to watch her die if Jane or Alec used their gifts on her. However, he met his end in the fight when he was about kill Daniel until Josie jumped on top and sliced his head.

Physical Appearance

Conrad had shortened slick brown hair and red eyes from drinking human blood.

Illusionary Poisoning

Main Article: Illusionary Poisoning

Conrad is in control of an illusionary gift that allows him to make others believe that are being poisoned slowly with horrific pain around their entire body

Even as a human, he showed his talents to cause harm to others.

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