This page contains a list of vampires who have been killed

Name Full Name Coven, relationships Mate / Spouse Born Turned Perpetual Age Special Ability Killed by
Victoria Victoria Sutherland James 1500's; London, England 1550's, by Hilda 18 Self-Preservation Edward Cullen
Raoul Unknown His coven,

Seattle newborn army

None 1988; El Paso, Texas 2005, by Victoria 16 Superiority Magnetism Emmett Cullen
Kevin Unknown Raoul's Coven,

Seattle newborn army

Jen 1988 2005, by Victoria 16 Emmett Cullen
Casey Unknown None 1988 2005, by Victoria 16 Sara
Victor Unknown None 1988 2005, by Victoria 16 Kristie
Sasha Unknown Denali Coven None Before 1000's AD Unknown Unknown Volturi
Vasili Unknown Denali Coven None Unknown Unknown, turned by Sasha, 3 Volturi
Irina Unknown Denali Coven,

Anchorage newborn Coven

Laurent 1000's AD; Scandinavia 1000's AD, by Sasha Unknown Volturi
Laurent Laurent, Da Revin James' Coven Irina 1700's; Paris, France 1700's, by


40 Uley Pack
James James Witherdale His Coven Victoria Unknown 25 Tracking Sense Emmett Cullen,

Jasper Hale

Amsel Unknown German Coven None Deveaux
Creevey Unknown Jersey Coven Volturi
Veronica Unknown Jersey Coven Volturi
Bree Tanner Bree Tanner Seattle newborn army Diego 2006; by Victoria 15 Felix
Didyme Didyme Didyme Marcus Before 1300's BC; Greece Didyme Unknown Happiness Induction
Crisanto Unknown Volturi None 100 BC 100 BC Unknown Gabriel
Hilda Unknown Her Coven None Before 1550's Before 1550's Unknown Volturi
Lucy Unknown Mexican Coven Unknown; Northern Texas Maria and

Jasper Hale

Nettie Mexican Coven Unknown; Arkansas Maria and

Jasper Hale

Ekibe Unknown Egyptian Coven Itennu 1800 BC 1800 BC Unknown Volturi
Vostok Vostok Valdia's Coven Valdia 1930s, Moscow, Russia 1957 Late 30s Unspecified gift Jane and Felix
Catlin Catlin British Coven None 1900's 1900's 2 Gabriel
Astrophel Astrophel Astrophel Coven Elisabeth Ripper Unknown Unknown 19 Control the Elements Vicente Lynch

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