Deveaux and Delacour are mates hailing from different covens, Deveaux is a member of Nelson's Coven, while Delacour comes from Bridget's Coven. Both of them are not Vegetarians and feed on human blood


Deveaux and Delacour met while they were both hunting in Berlin. At that time, Bridget's coven hadn't been founded and Delacour was only a nomad. Because of Deveaux's unfortunate gift to make other addicted to attacking him, Delacour had tried to kill him on several occasions, but Deveaux restrained her enough to overcome his gift. Over a week later, the two of them learned a great deal about each other, and the recognised the simularities between each other, their feeling grew for each and other and they eventually became mates

Deveaux and Delacour were seperated when Bridget started her coven, and now each coven resides in each half of Germany, Deveaux and Delacour only meet once a week

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