Ekibe and Itennu were mates and both members of the Egyptian Coven. Ekibe was destroyed by the Volturi when they attacked the Coven, destroying nearly all of its members. Itennu fled and later joined the Greek Coven.



Ekibe was a vampire brought into the coven during 1800 BC, and had a strong but farfetched connection to Itennu, finally becoming his mate a few days after they met. Though being arragont and somewhat stubborn, she was braver than Itennu which eventually led to her death against the Volturi when they attacked the coven.


Itennu joined the coven during 2100 BC, and had many failed attempts to find a mate, until he met Ekibe. Though having a romantic bond, Ekibe was the more arrogant and stubborn of the two, though he never had any trouble with her attitude, and they never had arguments or fights


Itennu and Ekibe were a mutual couple in their coven, even though they were different, Ekibe being the brave one and Itennu having the survival instinct. When the Volturi attacked their coven, Itennu begged Ekibe to follow him, but she refused and planned to fight them instead, even though she was aware of the consiquences. Ekibe was later killed by the Volturi guard.

Itennu fled to Greece where he joined a coven there, along with his friend Kemsa

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