Emotion Deprivation
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Take away the emotions of others

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"He is exceptionally gifted, able to take away the emotions of others, though he can only take away one emotion from a person at a time"
—Entry on Manolo's gift-

Emotion Deprivation is Manolo's Supernatural talent enabling him to remove another's emotions; anger, happiness, sadness, fear, disgust, regret and many other emotions.


Manolo's gift can only effect one individual and only one emotion from them at a time. It is unknown still if he needs physical contact or if he can do it from a range away from his target.


Manolo is able to bypass mental defenses, as his gift effects emotions, not the mind. Though powerful, it has no effect against the bonds of love


Manolo had this ability when he was human, though never used it. It manifested into the gift he has now.

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