End of Volturi is a fanfiction written by F.S.N. Stefan of This story has its major part in the origin of new rulers of vampire world. After Toshiro was killed by the Volturi, his sister-- Kamiko(a gifted vampire with ability to sense if the target is evil or good person) and his new Thai vampire friend-- Supakit(a gifted vampire with ability of telekinesis) seek revenge.


Kamiko and Supakit joined force with Stefan and Vladimir just after both Romanians left the confrontation. They decided to talk to the Cullens but the Cullens refused to help them finish the Volturi. When Supakit tried to force the family to join like he forced the Romanians with his gift, Bella protected everyone with her gift, so he couldn't hurt any of them with his gift directly. When they left, Alice incredibly saw a vision of returned real werewolves and the Asian coven attack the tower in Volterra, and it's not only vampires who died in vision but also the humans nearby. The Cullens sent messages to both the Volturi(to warn them) and Denali coven(to change their decision).

After Eleazar pretended to advise the better idea to the Asian coven, they quickly started to search for werewolves but changed the plan to attack directly to Volterra, they just tried other way to draw Volturi's attention.

The Asian and Romanian coven traveled to Thailand in order to change one of Supakit's friend at his old high school who was a trained young huntress, to create a new tracker. He changed her in time, before she might be raped by five guys. Then they all joined force and continued the new plan to destroy the Volturi.

...To be announce...

Known participants

Asian Coven

Romanian Coven

  • Stefan
  • Vladimir

The Volturi

  • All Volturi guards from Twilight series
  • Aro, Caius, Marcus (Leaders)
  • The French Coven
    • Henri (Leader)
    • Yvette
    • Abril (New member)


2007- TBA


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