Entrapment Shield
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Using information

"She is a dangerous shield, able to draw others towards her once they enter her shield, and no one can escape her shield they are inside it"

―Entry on Meredith's gift

A Entrapment Shield is Meredith's supernatural ability to create a strong shield that traps others inside it



Similar Abilities

  • Renata, Aro's personal bodyguard in the Volturi, has the power to repel physical attacks, much like how Bella's shield repels mental powers. However, it is limited by making the pursuer want to go in another direction.
  • Afton has the power to shield himself from attackers by making them think he is invisible. His power is more limited in that he can only shield himself and can be seen through by sharp focusing. Since his power only makes others think he is invisible, this power most likely works on a mental basis.
  • Fred has the power to induce those around him with a sense of revulsion to drive them away. Those power serves a great purpose in protecting him from pursuers.
  • Renesmee Cullen shows an opposite version of this ability, which allows her to penetrate Bella's shield, or go unaffected and use her power of tactile thought projection on her.
  • Bella Swan shows the power to shield herself and others from powers that affect the mind, such as mind reading, illusion or any sort of intrusion to the mind. Since Renata's power works on a mental basis, she can probably be rendered powerless by Bella's shield.

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