The Eurasian vampire wars started in 1823 and raged between the Polish Coven and a large amount of Eurasian covens, from Poland to Siberia. The war ended in 1835.

The amount of covens lost was so great that the Volturi managed to wipe it from vampire history


The war started when Khaled, a Polish vampire, took control of the Polish Coven, turning it into an army and leading it against and conquering any other polish covens they could find. A few years later, they moved further into Eurasian countries, starting from Slovakia, Sweden, Russia and Ukraine.

The Volturi tried dealing with the situation but were more involved with the southern vampire wars in South America

Known participants

Polish Coven

Ukraine Coven

Swedish Coven

Prussian Coven

​Bulgarian Coven

Bosnian Coven

Estonian Coven

Lativan Coven 

Hungarian Coven

Czech Coven

Many unnamed destroyed covens in Eurasia

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