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Fred is a nomadic omnivore vampire meaning his diet consist of human/animal blood. He was created by Victoria for her newborn army. He is gifted with the supernatural talent of Social Magnetism, and is one of the two survivors from the army.


Early Life

Fred was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in January 1, 1985. His parents divorced when he was 10 and he was raised by his father. After the divorce, his mother disappeared from his life and he had a nonexistent relationship with his father as he was a workaholic.

As a kid, he had a hard time making friends as his father's job had them moving around a lot and never stayed in one place more than a year. Always being a new student and his lack of social skills made him a target for bullies so he found comfort in computers.

By the age of 15, Fred had graduated from high school and received a scholarship to Stanford University. By 18, his father was dead and he had his degree in computer programming.

In August 2005, Fred was camping when Riley found him and took him against his will to Victoria to change into a vampire.

Despite being a newborn vampire, he showed impressive self-control and manifested a supernatural gift. His gift was Social Magnetism which he could use to repel or draw people to him. This is a very powerful gift as it made it easier to hunt prey and keep his violent coven mates away from him. Due to his gift, his coven mates vampires often avoided him and gave him the nickname "Freaky Fred".

For the next seven months, Fred was isolated from the others until Riley brought a new member, Bree Tanner. He noticed how she was more tamed than the others and was surprised when she came near him despite him using his gift to keep everyone away. At first, he was wary of her presence but she was controlled and didn't bother him so allowed her to stay near him. Little by Fred started to enjoy her presence.

Bree's Second Chance