Friendship Manipulation
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Ability to

Create bonds of friendship between others, including the user

Used by


"She can influence the emotional bonds of friendship between others, including herself"
―Entry on matilda's gift

Friendship Manipulation is Matilda 's gift to influence the potential bonds between her and another, specifically those who holds hatreds or grudges against her.


"Matilda is very gifted in my eyes - I have never seen anyone hate her, it keeps her alive, away from any harm"
―Finn on Matilda's gift

Matilda has influence over the relationship of friendship between her and another, her power can only highten the loyalty and kindness her targets view to her.


Matilda cannot weaker the bonds she manipulates, she can only sever and highten the bonds. Either her power shows a less greater effect on Vampire with a shielding abilities.

Similar Abilities

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