he was born with the gift as he then phased into a bear

"i see Jacob with a five son's and six daughters as the first one who is born will become the new alpha"
—Matthew Faulkner using it on Jacob

Future-Probability Cognition is Matthew's power to see into the future as he got it when he was born as he saw his parents death in a vision (unlike Alice's).

Also Called

  • Event Connection
  • Future Possibility Manipulation
  • Omni-Precognition
  • Possible Event Prediction


Matthew can use it on a living person as he can see into their future as he got the gift when he was born his church thought he was cursed by god after he saw a future vision of his own parents death in a car crash, as it was then revelled that it was given to him through his great-great-grandmother Esma.

Similar Abilities

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