Gabriel and Helena are mates and the leaders of the British Coven, but tend to act as the parent figures too.



Gabriel was born in the late 400's AD in England, with an ideal knowledge of the lands through europe, he was commisioned as a messenger, spending many years away from England. He soon travelled to Volterra, hoping to get credit for posting letters to the cities saints, When entering the volturi tower, he was spotted by Aro, who, impressed by his bulky physic, changed him ino a vampire. Gabriel became a high ranked member of the guard, leading to frequent fights with Felix, Aro used his power to Telekinesis to aid the Volturi. 3 centuries after joining the Volturi, he became discusted with the Volturi showing no revelance to human blood, and faked his death by killing another guard member.

Gabriel rushed back to England, and spent the next 800 years as a nomad, created other vampires to assist him


Helena was born into a wealthy English family during the 1700's, Gabriel frequently visited the family, and was struck with her beauty as soon as he began to notice her, an act that annoyed her apparent interest in him. Helena became increasingly ill during the first few months of their relationship, and Gabriel had no choice but to turn her. Their relationship became stronger after that and they became mates, and eventually married. She and Gabriel have been building their coven ever since.

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