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The Volturi (formerly)

Gianna Turner is a a vampire who roams alone in North America as a nomad. She was once an ordinary human who works for the Volturi as a secretary, knowing exactly who they are, and hoping one day to become a vampire, quite like Bella, and join the group.

Early Life

Gianna was formally from Maine, and was born around 1981. Gianna was adoring to her family. Her mother and father spend a lot of time with her, along with her younger brothers and sisters. When she graduated from high school on 2000, Gianna traveled to Rome where she endured to take a lot of pictures. She studied how to become a secretary until she stumble across the Volturi. Aro was interested in Gianna, and decided to promote her as secretary to the Volturi.

New Moon

Gianna was first introduced in New Moon when Bella, Edward, and Alice enter the Volturi's palace being led by Jane, Demetri, and Felix. She welcomes the Volturi members back, and Felix shot her a wink. She didn't say much to Alice, Bella, or Edward.

She is then seen again before the Cullens and Bella would leave. Gianna looks concerned and asks Edward if she can get or do anything for her.

A few months have passed, and Gianna was ready to be turned into a vampire. After she was turned, Gianna had trouble controlling herself. But somehow, she managed to control herself very quickly. When she wondered outside while the sun was setting, she saw small child trip, and was bleeding. Gianna didn't smell the scent from the blood, and she didn't feel like killing the child. Due to her human family being in trouble, she left the Volturi to go and take care of them.

However, when she returned to reunite with her fiancee, Aidan Sing, she discovered that he was murdered by her brother, John Turner, who was turned into a Lycan. John fled the scene before heartbroken Gianna found him dead. Gianna didn't avenge her lover's death, because she would make things worse her family. She was able to reunite with her younger siblings who were still alive, and protect them.

Breaking Dawn

Gianna was briefly mentioned in Breaking Dawn. She couldn't travel to Forks to bare witness for Reneesme Cullen since she feared that she might get her and her family in danger by the Volturi.


She is described as being humanly beautiful, but nowhere as beautiful as the vampires she worked with. She also has green eyes and tan skin. As a human and later a vampire, Gianna is meant to be very kind, sweet, and thoughtful. She wanted to see Bella was alright. When she became a vampire, Gianna had a special ability called self-control, which means she doesn't take any scent from human blood at all.

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