A half-'vegetarian' is a vampire who subsists on both animal and human blood. The term was created by the British coven, so that they could remain civilized and powerful. Other covens have tried to utilise this, but to no result. Being Half-vegetarian is very uncommon among other vampires, either Vegetarians or usual vampires; the only covens consistently showing this is the British coven and Nahuel's coven. Even though human blood is very appetizing to vampires, the British coven distorts the taste but mixing the animal blood, and it takes away the tempting smell, as such a result, they have learned to drink human blood and still keep their self control. In some cases, such vampires can live as a family like coven. Due to chemical differences between human and animal blood, Half-vegetarians have burgandy eyes rather than golden or red eyes. The Half-Vegetarian diet was created so that vampires could remain strong but would be able to escape their ferocious and bloodthirsty nature and resist the temptation of human blood.

Known half-vegetarians

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