Happiness Induction
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Project a strong feeling of happiness in others

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Happiness Induction is Didyme's raw ability to bring joy to oneself and everyone close to her or him.


It was Didyme, Aro's sister, who made the Volturi members around her happy during her time of existence. But the most benefactor of this talent of hers was Marcus, one of the Volturi Leaders, who became her mate.

Happiness induction also can bring happiness to the beholder, as well as those around them. However, Jasper's emotional manipulation, can only control the emotions of others


Didyme showed this power even in human form, though it was much more dormant before she became immortal.


Though effective, the power has a side effect that leaves people without it in a state of negative emotions

Similar Abilities

  • Jasper Hale's pathokinesis: the ability to manipulate others' emotions in any way he pleases.
  • Corin's addictive contentment: the power to make others content and happy with their situations, though it has a side effect.

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