Biographical information

October 31, 1992



Perpetual age


Created by

Nomadic Vampire

  • Harry
Physical description




Hair color


Eye color
  • Brown (Human)
  • Crimson (Newborn)
  • Red (human blood)
  • Gold (Vegetrian)
  • Black (when thirsty)
Skin color


Family information
Family members
Special characteristics
  • Basic vampire abilities
  • Advance Strength
Special abilities

Sonic Illusion


Skylark guard


Harry is very offensive member of the Skylark Coven, serving as one of the highest-ranked guards. Harry also possesses a powerful gift called Sonic Illusion, which he can create a high pitch frequency sound inside anyone's mind. Elvin considered him as one of the best members of his coven.

Early Life

Harry is Normal Callage boy, oe he goes camp by collage on camp he lost in forest, a unknown nomadic vampire bit him, as soon as he was bitten, a pack of wolves attacked him which led to his transformation.

One day, he was passing through a vegetarian territory until he encounters Elvin, JamesWill and Dustin. Harry thinks they were going to attack them when he used his ability, causing them to fall down on the ground with headaches, but Will was the only one who stood up since he used his shield to block Harry's ability. This gave James to use his ability which caused Harry to suffer sonic sound. Harry surrended to them and went on to join the coven.


Harry is always in a good mood and makes his coven members laugh. He creates a happy enviroment for the coven.

Powers and abilities

Main article: Sonic Illusion

Harry is gifted with a powerful ability called Sonic Illusion, which creates a high pitch frequency sound inside the victim's mind. It moves like a sound wave very fast and large group of ememies. he's not enough expert in consontration to attack large group if he used his ability in large group he could be effect to his allies. it very powerfull offencive gift in vampire world.

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