Honesty Sensory
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Sense if others are being honest.

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"He can sense when people are being truthful to him"
-Entry on Elphias' gift

Honesty Sensory is Elphias' raw talent to sense if others are being honest to the user


Elphias didn't manifest this power by his original personality as a human, his mate and creator, Prewett, changed his personality, making him want to know the truth from everyone, including Prewett. When Prewett changed him into a vampire, this false trait became even more pronounced.

Elphias sees the truth behing every word he hears, even physical interpretation can be seen as the truth or a lie to him, much like maggie


Elphias was neither born with this gift, nor did he develope this gift naturaly, Prewett, his maker and mate, had twisted his personality when he was still human

Elphias can sense the complete truth from what someone is saying to him


Elphias can only see through deliberate lies and actions, not false statements. this makes his ability less useful than someone who can sense lies.

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