Horace's Coven
Founding information
Founding time

2000 BC


Around Africa

Founded by


  • Horace's clan
Membership Information
Special characteristics
Special abilities

Horace's Coven is one of the oldest vampire coven's in existence. The coven is nomadic and consists of Horace, his mate Amunet and Cosmo, Horace being the leader. They are not vegetarians and feed on human blood, but act civilized enough even though they never carry any worldly possessions.


Horace was turned during 3000 BC in Egypt, and travelled into Europe over his first 1000 years. He met Cosmo in Italy in 2000 BC, and turned him because of his scientific scholarship as a human. From there, Horace founded the coven


  • Horace: The leader of the coven. A gifted vampire with the power to reverse the abilities of others. His gift makes him fondly curious. He originated
  • Amunet: Horace's mate and a speaker of the coven. She is strangely optimistic and often treats Cosmo as her brother figure
  • Cosmo: a vampire with an insatiable scholarly curiosity. He is fluent in countless languaes and spends his time learning new things

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