Biographical information

1524; Belovo, Russia



Perpetual age


Created by


  • Sister (by Claud)
  • Dear (by Helena)
Physical description




Hair color
  • Dark Blond
Eye color
  • Red (as a newborn)
  • Burgandy (vampire)
  • Black (when thirsty as a vampire)
Skin color


Family information
Family members
Special characteristics
  • Basic vampire abilities
  • Self control

Librarian (vampire life)


Ida is a female vampire of Russian origin and a member of the British Coven. She is the twin sister of Claud and the adopted daughter of Gabriel and Helena and the adoptive brother of Joseph. As a member of the british coven she drinks both human and animal blood. Not much else is known about her and her brothers history. It is known that she shares a loving relationship with her brother.


Ida was born in 16th Century Belovo, Russia along with her twin brother Claud. She and her brother were raised by their father, Ulrich, who occasionaly left home to fight in wars part time. Ida always remained with her brother and promised that they would protect each other throughout their lives. After her brother disappeared, Ida was worried and tried to spend people to find him, but there was no luck. Believing that he was dead, Ida mourned for her lost and believed that she let herself down.

Two years later, Ida had aged into her late teenage years by the time Claud returned as a vampire. She had recently had a fight with one of her butlers, the result of been raped. As she watched her brother kill the butler, Ida tried to flee, but her brother caught her and promised that he would protect her. After the incident, Claud took Ida to Ilsa, in which she kept her as a human for several months until she ended up pregnant. Before she gave birth to a son, she was about to die as Ilsa turned her into a vampire. After her painful transformation, Ida was sad since she couldn't see her newborn child. Knowing that it was best for her child to raised by a mortal family, both she and her brother stayed with the Russian Coven for the next 150 years before joining the British Coven.

Powers and abilities

Ida possesses the regular abilties of a vampire; enhanced speed, strength and senses. She had learned a little about combat from her time in the Russian Coven, but wasn't interested in it further when she joined the British coven with Claud


Ida is the twin sister of Claud and was the daughter of Ulrich and an unnamed mother. When she joined the British Coven, she and Claud were made Gabriel and Helena's adoptive children, and the adoptive siblings of Joseph.

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