Illusionary Distractions
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Create strong distractive illusions against enemies

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The Illusionary Distractions are Ethan's raw talent to lead others into a dull, distracted state that has the power to take away his targets senses of hearing and touch


Ethan's power takes the form of a misty wall that billows infront of his targets, when his targets see it, they become instantly distracted by it, and they hardly notice anything that happens while they are looking at the mist, they can't hear anything or anyone around them and any pain they feel is blurred out as well. Several could be affected by his gift at once if they were standing too close to his intended target

Even when Ethan has taken his illusion of his targets, the mist still takes time to disappear from their vision


Whoever Ethan affects can still hear, smell and see what goes on around them, but his power might distract them too effectively for them to notice

As his power is mental and not physical, it doesn't affect mental shields

Similar Abilities

  • Alec has the power to deprive all five sense from his target at once
  • William can change all five senses of his targets at once, including taking them away.