Imogen "Gennie" Cullen
Biographical information

September 11, 2006; Forks, Washington



Physical description

Hybrid (Vampire/Human)



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Eye color


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Special characteristics

Limited vampire abilities

Special abilities

Visual Projection; Translation


Olympic Coven

Imogen Roisin (pronounced RUH-SHEEN) Cullen is Edward and Bella's second​ child. She is Renesmee Cullen's twin sister. She is the main protagonist in Renesmee's Twin


Imogen Cullen was born to Edward Cullen and Isabella Swan. Her twin sibling is Renesmee Cullen. They appear to be fraternal rwins due to differences in their facial structures. According to Renesmee's Twin (book series), Imogen was the surprise of the family.

Appearance and personality

"Gennie’s description in "Renesmee's Twin."

Imogen is described as a tall girl with long legs and straight brown hair that reaches her chest. She has pouty lips, bigger eyes than her sister and short eyelashes that she dislikes.

Imogen is a well-behaved and friendly young girl, but not very outgoing and doesn’t have many friends. She is interested in Music and Dance and attends dancing lessons regularly, but neither she has ever competed, nor she is interested in doing so.

When she has been a preteen, she has learned that she has been born with the special ability of Visual Projection, which she appears to share with Zafrina from the Amazonian Coven. She also possesses the ability to comprehend every language.

Special Abilities

As a young girl, Gennie has discovered that was born with a special ability, similar to her sister’s and the exact same as Zafrina from the Amazonian Coven.

As an adolescent, she discovers that she is able to comprehend and speak every language possible. The way her second ability works is simple: when she speaks to a non-native English speaker, the language they speak is immediately translated into English (since it is Imogen’s mother tongue). She hears the exact translation and replies to it. Her reply is automatically translated into the language the non-native English speaker has talked to her in.

ex. A native French speaker says: “Comment ça va?”, it translates immediately as: “How are you?”. That’s how Imogen hears it. She replies with: “I’m fine, thank you,” which immediately translates to the native French speaker as “Ça va bien, merci.”

This ability also works with written and heard text. It allows Imogen to practice other languages. Bella and Edward are impressed and recommend her to continue her education abroad.


She is portrayed by Diana Silvers.