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Inhanced Intuition is Camalia's ability to be able to make impulsive decisions that in the end will turn out how she wishes.


Any vampire with this gift doesn't see the future. They simply are given more highly detailed instincts and feelings to be able to decide whether a decision they are making is wise or something they should avoid. A vampire with inhanced intuition is usually very apprehensive and narrow-minded as a human. They would have often relyed more on their 'gut-feelings' then their mind, most likely being right as well.

Inner Workings

Inhanced Intuition works throughout the mind. Any vampire with this ability can figure out whether a decision they are making is a good one. The results are often conjured, coming up as feelings and thoughts. If this gift is intensified and improved they can eventually iclude a group when it comes to this decision. Since vampires are always making decisions this can sometimes be very confusing and painful.


A vampire with this gift will often times be able to keep themselves out of the fray and live past the new born stage simply because they are able to make decisions that most newborns at a young age couldn't comprehend.

This gift, is used in battle, could prove valuable to a coven leader who wishes to wage a quick and easily-planned war again a another coven and group. It is never something that should fully be relied on but the gift has not been fully explored and therefor the few vampires who are able to utilize this skill of another or themselves for their coven or family may not always be fully correct when running into something.


As stated above, thought this gift can be very useful it will often times not be used in the right way and therefor can end in a disaster for those awaging the battle or defending themselves.

On a smaller scale, if a vampire were to attack another vampire one-on-one this gift would not always be useful. It would take a great deal of time for a gifted vampire to run through plans in their head until they find the useful one. During this time the vampire could easily be snapped in half and burned. Therefor, someone with this gift still needs all normal fighting skills in battle.

One a final note as mentioned above it can cause a great deal of worry, confusion, and pain to a vampire with this gift. It will usually be like this for the first year of being transformed. As the vampire gets older this pain will slowly numb and make it easier to think clearly. In this way it can not only be a gift but a curse to a newborn vampire who already is blinded by their need for fresh blood.

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