"When we're apart it feels....uncomfortable" -Lucas talking about being away from Jamie

Jamie and Lucas are mates who are part of the Roman Coven


Jamie and Lucas first met when Jamie save Lucas from a group of older kids who were beaten him up,they both became fast friend and would spend nealy all of there time together he told her about his abusive father which Lucas noted she grew angry about. After knowing each other for around 8 month Jamie began to fall in love with him( which she ketp secret) and told him what she was she then offer him a chance to be like her which he accted. As a newborn Jamie would keep Lucas in check and make sure he didn't get notice,after this lucas also began to fall for Jamie as well however he thought she didnt feel the same. After 10 year of traveling together they finally gave into the emotion and admitted there love to each other and became mates.

It has been said that they rarely leave each othe side so were Jamie go a lot of the time Lucas will follow but when they do part they have both said it's "strange" not being together

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