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Killed by Alec

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Dark brown

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Joan was the secutary of the Volturi replacing Bianca, she had known about the Volturi and what they did, but didn't hope of becoming a vampire, she hadn't known of the resitance of their said weaknesses upposed to vampire myths and wanted to manipulate them and defeat them


Joan was a new secretary hired by the Volturi, and she had been hired by the volturi during January, 2007, she had been told about the vampires who were her employers

When Alec, Felix, Demetri and Santiago had all impregnated human women with hybrid children and brought them to underground cellers, she wanted to stop it and was caught by Alec, who threatened her with death if she ever tell the outside world about her.

Corin gift was used to make her feel content with the situations she she playing and stayed quiet through the four pregnancies. When Damien, Alec's son, was born, she had taken a likeness to him, she constantly tried to shift his diet to human food instead of him drinking blood, and he adapted to this way quickly

Soon, Alec found out about her intentions and killed her himself infront of Damien, Damien was mortified as she had taught him the value of life, especially human life, which his farther had completely forgotten

Damien has never forgotten her, and thanks her that he is not like his farther

Physical appearance

Joan had long dark brown hair and warm brown eyes

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