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Liza Zeta
Biographical information




Physical description






Hair color

Golden blond (wavy)

Eye color
  • Golden (as vampire)
  • Balck (when thirsty)
Skin color


Family information
Family members
Special characteristics
  • basic vampiric powers
  • self control
Special abilities

Appearance alteration


Liza Zeta is the mate of Bradley Hale, and adoptive mother of Alex Cullen and Lizzy Prince.

Early Life

Liza doesn't remember anything of her human life.Liza was transformed in 1999 , in Wahsington, D.C.. After finally realizing she was a vampire, she tried committing suicide, because she thought she was a monster. Although, after eating a herd of deer, she relised she didn't have to be a monster, so she changed to a vegetarian diet like the Cullen's. Several years later she met Bradley, and the two fell in love. They later married, and started their own Parisian Coven, and adopted two newborn vampires they created, Alex Cullen, and his mate, Lizzy Prince.

Physical appearance

Liza has long, wavy, golden blond hair with gold eyes to match. Like all vampires, she is very pale, and sparkles in sunlight. She was 20 years old when turned, and is 5'8".

Powers and Abilites

Liza, like all vampires is beautiful, and possesses superhuman abilities such as strength, speed, and keen senses.

Appearance alteration

Liza has a unique ability which allows her to change her appearance. Because this is physical and not mental, it effects everybody, including Bella. She can turn into any living being, although she can't turn into an animal or anything that's inanimate.


Liza is hebrew meaning 'concecrated to god'.

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