Locational Sensory
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  • Julien

"Do you think if we put a blind fold over your eyes, you could still see the obsticles we set for you"

―Damien of Julien's gift

Locational Sensory is Julien's supernatural gift to determine where she is, and also the distance she is away from any location or target(s) she seeks.


The power allows the user to accurately see how far he or she is from the location they seek. The power allows her to visualise any movement in her way, she can sense the tiniest movements. As Julien grew older, she experimented with it further, she can general 'sense' the obsticles in her way (trees, people, walls, doors etc)



Though not exactly opposite, Julien has inherited and 'twisted' this trait from her farther, Demetri's power of Sensory Location; While he can sense anyone anywhere around the world, she immediately knows how far she is from what she wants to seek

Similar Abilities

  • Alistair can feel a general pull to whatever he desires
  • Demetri is able to track anyone, anywhere, making him far more powerful than Julien.
  • Crissol can discern anything, and anyone within the borders of his own psychic territory.

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