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Roman Coven

Lucas is a vampire and a member of the Roman Coven, his mate is Jamie, the leader of the coven


Lucas was born in Rome in 1267 to a abusive father who would beat him daily,his mother died in child birth so no one ever protected him. One day as he was begging on the street he was chase into a ally by some older kids who wanted his money,when he said no the began to beat him up before they were stop by a stranger who send the group away. As the stranger help him up he realised it was a young girl(jamie) she interduce herself as flava( her named back then),he soon became friends with her as she was the only one who cared about him,he knew she was not human due to her crimson eyes and dead white skin but he didn't care. After knowing her for about 8 month she told him what she was and offer to turned him which he gladly accepted. After his newborn years he realised he was in love with her and became her mate

Lucas was almost killed in the 1920s when a newborn vampire attack him after claiming the area lucas was hunting in was "his" and his mate's. Before the newborn could deliver the final blow Jamie grab him a ripe it head clean off.

Physical Appearance

Lucas has been described as being very hasome with light brown hair and crimson eyes he also has a scar on the right side of his cheek


Lucas has been show to be the opposite of Jamie, we're she is funny and talkative he is quiet only speaking when he need to also he been show to to feel uncomferble in rooms full of people

Powers and abilities


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