Makenna's Coven
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31, December, 2006



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Malta Coven

Makenna's Coven is a group of four nomadic vampires, Makenna, Charles, Patrick and Gene, the nomads travel across the world, as Makenna and Charles already did.


Patrick and Gene were both created by Irina as a part of her army in Anchorage. Patrick and Gene had accompanied her to visit the Volturi

Patrick and Gene had met Makenna and Charles on their way to Forks to witness against the Cullen family and their allies After Irina had been killed by the Volturi for false witness, Makenna had focused back on Patrick and Gene, and asked if they would like to travel with them, which made them most pleased Patrick and Gene had left before Makenna and Charles and met them outside of Forks.

The coven is difficult to maintain, Makenna and Charles both drink animal blood and Patrick and Gene live a peaceful lifestyle in vegetarianism.


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