Malta Coven
Founding information
Founding time

prior to 400 BC


Valletta, Malta

Founded by


  • Bonaci family
  • Luca clan
Membership Information
Special characteristics
Special abilities

The Malta Coven, also known as the Luca family, is a family of descended vampires


Malta was turned sometime during 400 BC, and turned one of his descendants from each generation into a vampire, keeping many of the family alive and gaining coven members who would also keep the family safe and prosperous. Though many of the chosen descendants went off on their own, there were a few who remained loyal


  • Luca: Leader and the earliest known descendant of the family
  • Cova: Makenna's nephew, turned into a vampire, has the unique ability to sense danger
  • Jericho: Descendant of the family, turned during the 1700's
  • Courtenay: Descendant of the family, turned during the 1500's

Former members

Other family members

  • Makenna: Cova's aunt, she was turned into a vampire, became a nomad along with her mate. She still visits from time to time to help the family
  • Charles: In-law to the family, Makenna's mate. His is gifted with the ability to sense lies.

Patrick and Gene are considered indirect family members as they are part of Makenna's Coven

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