Memory Manipulation
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Manipulate the memories of others

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Memory Manipulation is JessicaSadie and Isla's supernatural talents to manipulate the memories of those around them.


"Jessica can manipulate every memory someone has, able to remove, restore and erase them with ease"
—Entry on Jessica's gift

Jessica can use this power to remove, restore, transfer and see into the memories of other vampires, most often to keep her coven a secret from vampires who would most likely tell of their existence, she has affected Alaister


"Sadie can totally compell other humans, shape shifters, hybrids and vampires out there, but she cannot compell a werewolf due to their similar memory manipulation thing. She can compell them to forget everything in their memory, (e.g- forgetting their family and friends forever) she is one of the vampires that Aro wants to have"
—Bella on Sadie's gift to Hayley

Sadie's special ability is to totally remove some ones past and create them a past on where they don't remember who their family or friends were and it allows her to manipulate upper and lower brain functions and enabling the user into a trance.


"Isla can let you forget your hole world, causing you to lose your memories and thougts."
—Entry on Isla's gift

Isla's special ability is the mental manipulation, it's allows her to maipulate upper brain functions, enabling the user to render others unconscious and erase their memories.


As this gift is only mental, it cannot affect mental shields. Jessica can lose the memories she takes if she doesn't focuse, if she looses the memory, she experiences a short amount of illness

Similar Abilities

Autumn's power to Retrocognition allows her to see into the past of others around her

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