Mindscape Communication
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Mindscape Communication was Libby Black's supernatural talent to communicate telepathically with several individuals at once, and connecting their thoughts together in unison


Libby's gift is seen as the opposite of her mothers (or her farther), and more potent than her grandfarther's talent to read only one mind at a time. Libby is able to communicate with several individuals at once, Renesmee describes it as "Joining everybody's mind together in perfect unison", everybody joined together can effectively communicate with each other without speaking and read each other thoughts flawlessly


Unlike her mother, Libby's gift can be blocked by Bella's mental shield, but she doesn't require physical contact for the power to work. It is not known if she needs to be in a certain proximity for the gift to work


Libby Black's gift supposedly comes from her mother, Renesmee Cullen, or her farther, Jacob Black. Who both possess certain telepathic gifts

Renesmee Cullen is able to show others her thoughts through physical contact, her ability was inherited from her farther, Edward Cullen, who is able to read their minds of inviduals in close proximity, whether Libby twisted Renesmee's power is not known

Her farther, Jacob Black, displays a telepathic connection with his pack, it is possible she inherited this trait from him and made it stronger, to where she can communicate with anyone

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