The coven lives in a peaceful lifestyles, drinking both human and animal blood. Antonio and Catalina were one of the most unique vampires in the coven since they have the same gift of compulsion, forcing to compel people. Antonio was very smart to survive, and he would do a better way instead of killing humans. Humans would be forced to add a small amount of their blood and combine it with large amount of animal blood, so that way, vampires from the coven would have perfect control over their thirst.

As the coven became more civilized, Antonio kept this a secret from the Volturi since he feared that this would destroy their civilization. The Monterrey Coven became as strong and civilized as the years went by during the 1800's. When one of Antonio's coven mate, Maria escaped since she endured killing humans, members of the coven were forced to hunt her down for disobeying the law. This was when Antonio's creator created newborn vampires to attack the south, forcing the Monterrey Coven to protect their land from danger. Several newborns were spared, while the rest were perished. Antonio decided to add them into his coven as punishment while the Volturi came to punish Benito and execute him for his crimes.

Members of the Coven

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